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Premiere event: Latino Art epitomizes Quantum Demographics: Picasso's Dragon launched with a a special event for Houston. For one night only, at The Artery, Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say, and PiccasosDragon.com brought international sensation Macarena Ortuzar for a Butoh Dance Improvisational Performance.

Butoh is a dance form cultivated in Japan that goes beyond Western approaches to dance. It embraces a lifestyle that impacts the bodies of the dancers, who are then inspired to create movements fusing their body, their surroundings, other art forms in ways that we have not imagined before. These performances push artist and audience into dark spaces where they confront their own limitations at the same time as the glory of art.

Macarena Ortuzar was born in Chile. She has worked as a dancer and a performance artist in NYC, Texas, Chile and she has resided in Oxford, England for the past five years. Her work has been influenced mainly by her intense and transformational experience working with great dancer Min Tanaka (founcer of Body Weather), living and farming at the farm in the mountains of Hakushu, Japan.

Bruno Guastalla, a violin maker from Oxford, England, wrote the powerful score.

Here is a short clip of the performance. Radames Oritz shot and posted it. Mark Larsen of the Artery shot a longer piece. We'll edits it.

Also, Macarena will be returning next Winter 2012. Stay tuned.

Butoh No: Macarena resists calling her performance Butoh. Her art here in Houstonchanged the dance, changed her, changed me, changed the world. She manifests Quantum Demographics, and the only reason we need to come up with a name for it is so that the rest of the world can catch up, or live up, to her vision.

As a marketter I am mean and petty with words, with art. As a novelist I let words run, fly, kill. It is thrilling to get to be in the service of The AztecMuse and use my gifts to help unleash something thrilling.

When I'm sick of the sound of my voice, and your voice, and my words, and your words, I turn to artists who demand the most out the universe. Macarena's performance was like reading BLOOD MERIDIAN or NAKED LUNCH. Mind bogglingly beautiful.

She began with maybe 3 minutes of silence. She was covered in a cloth. To the old me, the me before Winter Dawn, it was quiet and still. But to this me, the leaves raged. It is Winter in Houston, but we sat outside, under a fat, full moon, climate warming keeping us warm, on outdoor stage, leaves were falling on the stage. They sounded like drums. I could hear them splat. I heard how brittle they were. I cringed each time a leaf fell to its freedom, as Macarena quivered under the blanket, trembling, like a tuning fork syncing with forces beyond my mere 5 senses. She mustered incredible force to defy time and gravity to move powerfully beyond my sight. I was exhausted by the time the music came on. -Tony Diaz
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